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અળસી (Flax Seed) ખાઓ અને રોગોને ભગાડો

હવે કોઈ પણ અનાજનાં વેપારીને ત્યાં અળસી (raw) મૂળ સ્વરૂપમાં અનાજ તરીકે મળે છે. મોટા સ્ટોર્સમાં પ્રોસેસ કરેલા ફોર્મમાં એટલે કે લોટ તરીકે અને શેકેલા (roasted) દાણા તરીકે મળે છે. તાજેતર માં થયેલા સંશોધનો અનુસાર અત્યાર સુધી અજાણી અને કોઈક જ ઠેકાણે મળતી અળસી કેટલા બધા રોગો...

About “Vitamin B12” in Gujarati.

Vitamin B12  શરીરમાં પૂરતાં પ્રમાણમાં B12 ન હોવાને ઉણપને લીધે એનીમીયા, કબજીયાત, હાથ-પગમાં ઝણઝણાટી કે યાદશકિત ઓછી થઈ જવી, અકળામણ રહેવી અને આળસ લાગવી જેવાં લક્ષણો જોવા મળે છે. જે નિદાન આપે છે કે શરીરમાં  B12ની ઉણપ છે. આ ઉપરાંત જેમ ઉંમર વધતી જાય છે તેમ બ્રેઇન પાવર ઓછો...

Do’s and Don’ts in G.E.R.D.

Most people get heartburn occasionally, but if it is frequent then the patient might be suffering from GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease). GERD is caused when the sphincter of the lower esophagus relaxes, thereby creating a regular flow of stomach acids through...


1. DON'T SKIP BREAKFAST: Skipping breakfast won't help in losing weight. One could miss out essential nutrients and may end up snacking more throughout the day because you would feel hungry. 2. EAT HIGH-PROTEIN BREAKFAST: Eating a high-protein breakfast has been shown...

Happiness !

HAPPINESS can be divided into 3 categories: Physical happiness; Mental happiness; Spiritual happiness. These are the brief summary of steps to take for achieving these in our lives: FOR PHYSICAL HAPPINESS : Regular and proper DIET. Regular and proper REST. Regular and...


Vitamin D prevents : Osteoporosis, Depression, Prostate cancer, Breast cancer and even effects - Dabetes & Obesity.. Vitamin D is perhaps the single most underrated nutrient in the world of nutrition.  That's probably because it's FREE.... Your body makes it...

Health Tip

Drink plenty of water or any liquid in more quantity for next few days March 22-28 due to equinox. Equinox means The Sun is strongest in those days The Day and Night time(duration) is exactly same.

Services provided:

  • Feel like Home ambiance
  • Equipped with most latest, updated and advanced software of Homeopathy, which is useful for case management
  • Home visits for the bedridden or disabled person
  • Dedicated extra care from doctors
  • In-house pharmacy with the wide range of medicines
  • E-consultation for NRI Patients as well as long-distance patients
  • Counseling for health, disease, and medication
  • Counseling for lifestyle modification as per requirements
  • Genuine advice/explanation for complaints
  • Modernized appointment system with a reminder for the appointment
  • Medicine for epidemic diseases at an affordable cost
  • Treating needy/poor patients at an affordable cost
  • Providing medicines without any charges for Veterinary
  • Additional facilities:
    • Physiotherapy
    • Dietician
    • Health check-up plans with our special cost-effective packages at the standardize laboratory
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