FAQ about Homeopathy (Myths & Facts):

  1. Why is it necessary to be nil by mouth for few minutes before and after taking Homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic medicines are absorbed through nerve endings. If we have taken anything by mouth before/after taking it, It can develop barrier layers between it and nerve ending which will interrupt in action of homeopathic medicine.


  1. In Homeopathy, all medicines look same in size and colour, Are they same?

No, these white pills are only medium or vehicle for medicine. Actual medicine is the dilution, from which few drops are added into white pills. They are chosen according to the requirement of every person. White pills are used to lessen the bitterness of homeopathic medicines.


  1. Can these small pills be effective to treat the disease?

Of course, they can do. Because every particle is converted into small particle and every small particle has more energy than the previous state. Homeopathy works on the basis of this principle.


  1. Homeopathy (Homeopathic medicines) takes a very long time to cure the disease, is it true?

Most of the time patient wastes his/her time in different modes of treatment for years before going for homeopathic treatment and his complaints become more severe during this period. More severe the conditions, more the duration of treatment (relatively). If the patient chooses homeopathy right from the beginning, the recovery period is very short.


  1. In homeopathic treatment, there is always an aggravation then after the cure occurs, Is it true?

It is partially true but it is not always necessary. It occurs in cases where symptoms are suppressed wrongly. This initial aggravation indicates that the selected remedy is correct and the disease is being eradicated from its roots.


  1. Can allopathic medicines be taken along with homeopathic medicines?

Yes, if the patient has started allopathic medicine before homeopathic medicine then as per the convenience, they can be stopped. And in severe cases, if the body is addicted to allopathic medicines then with the help of homeopathic medicines, the severity of disease is lessened and then allopathic medicines can be stopped gradually.


  1. Homeopathic medicines are effective only in long-lasting chronic diseases, not in every disease?

Homeopathic medicines are equally effective in chronic & acute ailments but in our society, the patient never chooses homeopathic medicines directly. Homeopathic medicines are useful from fever, cold, coryza, tonsillitis to every acute disease. It is also effective in conditions requiring surgery like renal stone, gallstone, abscess, appendicitis etc. They can be treated without surgery.


  1. Diabetic patient cannot use homeopathic pills, as they are sweet in taste, Is it true?

They can use it because in homeopathic medicine there is no content which increases the sugar in the blood. Even homeopathy is useful in the treatment and management of Diabetes.